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Quick Tips for Crafting the Perfect Resume

Quick Tips for Crafting the Perfect Resume

When applying for a job, your resume is often the first thing that will get you noticed by a potential employer. However, drafting a resume tailored seamlessly to the position being offered can be a difficult task. In order for a resume to be effective, it must concisely highlight your strengths in a format that is easily digested by its reader.

The following tips will give you an idea into how to begin crafting the perfect resume:

Keep it Simple

There’s nothing that will get your resume thrown in the “no pile” faster than having large blocks of text all over it. Employers want to quickly scan your resume for relevant experience. Having to deep dive into paragraphs of work history is unappealing on a busy schedule.

Instead, try this:

  • Write your past job title and company you worked for.
  • Underneath, include a bullet list of your duties at that job.
  • Cap your resume length at one to two pages by choosing to include only work experience relevant to the position being applied for.

No Fancy Fonts

Yes, that swirly-lettered font may look fun to you, but it may not be entirely legible to the hiring manager. Stick to size 10-12 classic fonts, such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, or Calibri.

Consistency is Key

Formatting consistency shows an employer that you possess a strong attention to detail. Ensure that your font sizes and styles, bullet/numbered list choices, and margins remain uniform throughout.

Seek Help

Resume writing is not a natural skill that all of us are born with. While this blog does highlight some of our top tips for expertly crafting your resume, it’s always prudent to seek help from those who are more experienced in the art.

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