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How to Secure a Stellar Job

How to Secure a Stellar Job

There’s a reason it’s called a job “hunt.” The process of securing a stellar job involves a lot of hard work and pursuit. It can be thrilling but also challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. There are many ways to secure a stellar job. Here are some tips to consider on your next job hunt:

Research your Field

Take some time to do a deep dive into all of your potential career possibilities. Look into all the opportunities that come with your experience or educational background. Read books or blogs, watch YouTube videos, and speak to professionals to explore your options. This research will also help you understand what employers are looking for and prepare you for job interviews.

Find a Mentor

Check LinkedIn to see who works at a company or in a position you admire. Contact them via the handy messaging platform on the website or if they live in your area, check if they’re available to grab a coffee. A mentor will help you determine what you want to do and how to do it. It’s beneficial for not only securing a stellar job but also for networking in the future.


Securing a stellar job usually comes down to who you know so it’s important to get out there. Let the people around you know you’re looking for work or even consider attending a networking event or conference for people in your field. Networking can help you discover job opportunities you never considered. Additionally, having a reference or referral from someone you know can be an extremely valuable resource.

Brush Up on your Skills

Use your downtime during your job hunt to brush up on skills related to your field. Whether that’s learning a new language, taking classes, familiarizing yourself with computer programs like PhotoShop, G Suite or Microsoft Word, or even learning a new skill on Lynda.com—full of courses on every topic and free with your library card—being able to add more to the skills section of your resume will make you much more attractive to employers.

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