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How to Find Confidence After Losing Your Job

How to Find Confidence After Losing Your Job

Losing your job, whether it’s through termination or a layoff, is never easy. It can cause feelings of shame and anxiety. However, it’s important to remember you’re not the first person to experience a job loss—and while it’s completely normal to feel upset, it’s also important to pick yourself up and move on. Here are some tips on how to find confidence after losing your job:

Know Your Rights

Before you pack up your things from your workplace, it’s important to know where you stand with your employer. You need to figure what you’re legally entitled to—both from your employer and the government. This includes severance pay, benefits, accrued vacation pay, eligibility for unemployment insurance, and more. Remember to ask your former boss or supervisor if they are comfortable acting as a reference for your upcoming job hunt. If not, ask around, because someone else at your workplace may be willing to be a reference, which will help immensely.

Be sure to check your eligibility for Employment Insurance (EI). To see if your situation qualifies and if you have worked enough insurable hours, you’ll need to prepare some information first. Visit Service Canada’s website to see what you need to start the application process.


Once you’ve sorted out your rights, you should have an idea of the money you’ll be getting from your former employer. Since you won’t be receiving a regular income until you are able to secure another job, make time to create a budget in order to figure out your expenses and to see how long you can realistically last without a job. Creating a financial plan for yourself will alleviate uncertainty and help you map out a timeframe of when you need to find another job.


One of the hardest parts of unemployment is the lack of structure. While it may be easy to sleep in and lounge around the house, wake up at the same time you would have woken up when you were employed. Change out of your bed clothes and either sit at your desk or go to a library or café to look for jobs and work on resumes and cover letters. Maintaining the schedule you previously had ensures you will not fall into a rut. When you eventually find a new job, you’ll have no trouble getting back into the groove.

Filling Your Time

Finding a new hobby, volunteering or learning a new skill is a fantastic way to find confidence after losing your job. You’ll have a lot of extra time to dedicate to something you may not have had time to do while employed. When you’re stressed or anxious, it’s important to keep your mind and hands busy so you don’t dwell on negative feelings. It’s a great way to get out of the house, meet new people and try new things.

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