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Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn

Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for business networking, and is an extremely valuable tool for anyone on the job hunt. Best of all, it’s free, but also offers a paid premium service if you’d prefer. A lot of job applications include a space to submit your LinkedIn profile. Even if it’s optional to provide the link, we recommend that you do so.

This website is an exceptional forum to showcase your skills, experience, and education while reaching out to people—it’s used by millions of people around the world! Here is everything you need to know about LinkedIn to help you get started:

The Basics

LinkedIn was built by professionals for professionals. It’s for employees and employers alike, as well as people simply looking to expand their network. There is a built-in messaging feature and a search bar where you can look up names, companies, and even specific keywords. There’s a section on your profile that indicates whether or not you’re looking for employment. You can also set up notifications for any jobs posted that match the description of what you’re looking for.

For job hunters, it acts as a digital resume. It can often be better than a resume, because it doesn’t have to fit compactly on one single sheet of paper. You can expand on the many things that make you an ideal candidate for a position and take your time inputting all the information using the user-friendly tools. Users can also act as references and endorse other users on certain skills.

The Advanced

LinkedIn is like a social media platform because all users have a homepage where articles, images, and videos can be shared. This is a great way to show potential employers more of what makes you’re passionate about. You can share pieces you’ve written, quotes that motivate you, and post information about anything else that interests you.

Inversely, you can also see what others are sharing. You should follow companies and brands you’d like to work for to see if they have shared any job openings, volunteering opportunities, or relevant articles. You can also follow people that inspire you to see how they use the platform. Allow them to be your guide and mimic how often they post and the kind of content they share.

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