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How Trauma Can Affect the Job Search

How Trauma Can Affect the Job Search

The job search is challenging as it is, but it can be even harder if you have workplace trauma from a previous job. You may be worried about reliving the trauma again or you may not want to get another job because you feel endangered. Trauma affects everyone differently and can encompass a wide variety of stressors.

Different Examples of Workplace Trauma

The following are a few of the most common examples of traumatic events that can occur in the workplace:

  • Physical trauma: These stressors can include working conditions such as extreme heat or cold, loud noises, harsh lighting and/or flashing lights, being forced to work during construction, lack of safety precautions, violence, and sexual assault.
  • Emotional trauma: These stressors can include harassment, prejudice, constant pressure, and verbal abuse.
  • Trauma due to external causes: These stressors can include your workplace being involved in a serious lockdown, evacuation, robbery, or natural disaster such as a fire.

How to Deal with Workplace Trauma

If you’re now on the job search, that means you’ve taken the first step—leaving the workplace that was the source of the trauma. One of the best things you can do if you’ve faced any of these stressors is to leave. This is especially true if you’ve tried to remedy the situation by speaking with your manager or human resources representative to no avail.

Once you’ve left the job, it’s important to process the workplace stress or trauma. Everyone has different ways of processing stressors. If you need to take some time off work to rest or talk to a counsellor to come up with healthy coping mechanisms, do what feels right for you.

After you take the time you need to process, you can get back to the job search. WorkBC Vancouver City Centre operated by FSGV can help you find a job in a way that suits your unique needs. We offer help for survivors of violence or abuse, which includes free counselling and an effective workshop to explore how trauma may affect your job search with others who have had similar experiences. We will guide you as you move toward full-time employment and ensure that you are working in a safe and positive environment.