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Three Things You Should Never Sacrifice for Your Job

Three Things You Should Never Sacrifice for Your Job

For the majority of us, our jobs are a crucial part of our lives—one of the first things we talk about when we introduce ourselves to someone new is what we do for work. It can be incredibly rewarding to succeed in your job and achieve career goals you have set out for yourself.

However, it’s important to recognize when your job encroaches on other aspects of your life to the point where it starts taking a negative toll on your personal relationships or your health. Here are some things you should never sacrifice for your job:

1. Your work-life balance

Technologies such as smartphones and laptops have made keeping tabs on work a lot easier and now allow us to work whenever and wherever—but, while this can be extremely helpful, it also has its downsides. Being constantly connected to work means that you may not find the time to focus on your personal needs and completely recharge at the end of the day. If you’re checking your work email from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, or if you’re taking work home more often than not, this can be a sign that the boundary between your personal and professional life is not as strong as it should be. If this is the case, consider talking to your manager about your workload and setting stronger work-life boundaries.

2. Your health

At the end of the day, your health is one of the most important things you have. Working long hours on your feet with no breaks or sitting at an uncomfortable desk for hours on end can negatively affect your physical health. Losing sleep when you’re feeling overwhelmed by unmanageable deadlines or constantly being bullied at work can negatively affect your mental health. If you feel your job is compromising your mental or physical health, voice your concerns to your manager or human resources representative in order to find a solution. If they don’t respect your complaints, perhaps it’s time to consider looking for a new job.

3. Your self-respect

If you’re constantly doing things you are not proud of and which go against your core values at work just to keep your job or meet your manager’s expectation, this may be a sign that you’re sacrificing your self-respect. While we all want to succeed at our job, doing so in a way that’s totally out of alignment with our deeply-held morals and values can backfire and make us feel worse about ourselves despite our successes at work. While it may be a difficult decision, looking for a different job that’s more in line with your values can pay off in the long run.

If any of the above resonates with you about your current job, perhaps it’s time to consider looking for a different job where you won’t be making sacrifices that negatively affect your health or relationships. Contact WorkBC Vancouver City Centre operated by FSGV to learn about how we can help you in your job search.