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Use Our Job Resource Centre

Use the computers, internet access, and other resources in our job resource centre and

✓ Improve your job hunting skills with our job search workshops.

You may also qualify for:

One-on-one support from a case manager;

Paid training and job experience;

Help starting your own business; or

 Specialized support if you have a disability or if you’ve experienced violence or abuse.

resource centre

Our Job Resource Centre has up-to-date computers, software, internet access and a printer, photocopier, and fax machine.

Job Resource Centre staff can also help you with tasks such as filling out online applications, tweaking your resume, or finding job postings online.

Job Resource Centre Hours:

Monday–Thursday  9AM–5PM
Friday  9AM–3PM (computer shut down 2:30PM)

No appointment necessary, just drop in anytime within the hours above!


FREE Job Search Workshops

Get a job faster with our free workshops! Improve your resume writing, interview skills, networking, computer skills and more. To attend a workshop you must register for an orientation session first. Call 604-434-0367 or email citycentre-esc@fsgv.ca to register.


Access Case Manager Support

Sabine_love what you do
Meet Sabina! Sabina and our other case managers would love to help you find the right job.

You may qualify for one-to-one job search support from a case manager. A case manager will:

  • Help you develop a job search action plan.
  • Help you access supports such as wage subsidies, funding for training, and programs for people with disabilities.
  • Provide employment counselling until you’ve achieved your goal.

Call 604-434-0367 or email citycentre-esc@fsgv.ca to register for an orientation session and discover how you can connect with a case manager.

Get Training or Work Experience

Could more training and/or work experience help you find a job?

We might be able to help you get that training and/or work experience.

For example, we may be able to pay for courses such as FoodSafe, WorldHost, First Aid, WHMIS, Security Guard Training, Forklift Training, Basic Computer Training or Serving It Right.

We can help you learn English as a Second Language, improve reading, writing, math and computer skills, or do academic upgrading to improve your chances of finding full time work.

Ask us about other kinds of training or work experience!

Get more information about this at our orientation session. Call 604-434-0367 or email citycentre-esc@fsgv.ca to register.

Access Help for People with Disabilities

Have a disability? We can help you find work by:

Funding workplace accommodations
(such as special equipment, renovations, and / or services;

Creating jobs tailored to your abilities; and

Matching your skills with employers looking to hire.

We can also help you start your own business!

Call 604-434-0367 or email citycentre-esc@fsgv.ca to learn more.

Start Your Own Business

Want to be your own boss?

Our 48-week Self-Employment Program gives you the knowledge, skills and tools to start your own business.

We also have a self-employment program for people with disabilities who may need additional supports.

Find out if you are eligible by calling 604-434-0367 or emailing citycentre-esc@fsgv.ca.

Access Help for Survivors of Violence or Abuse 

Have you experienced violence or abuse?

Could it be affecting your ability to find and / or keep a job?

If you are unemployed or working less than 20 hours / week, our free counselling and an interactive workshop can help you more toward stable, full time employment.

Get Personal Counselling

We can provide up to ten sessions with a registered counselor to support you in moving towards employment.

Tapping Into Strength Workshop

In a safe environment, explore how trauma may affect your job search and, if you like, connect with others who have had similar experiences.

For more information email our confidential case managers at TappingIntoStrength@fsgv.ca.

Success Stories

AkramKarimiUse Those Free Resources!

When Akram Karimi was laid off from the job she’d held for almost ten years, she decided to get help from WorkBC Employment Services Centre at Vancouver City Centre. She started taking workshops. Right away she began following workshop facilitator Tova Jamernik’s advice to treat her job search as a full time job.

She came into the employment centre every day it was open. “I was the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave,” she laughs. She also credits Tova for helping her stay motivated during her job search.  “Tova recommended some great books that kept me inspired,” she says.

All her hard work paid off — Akram had a new job in a month, one that she loves. She encourages others to use all the free resources at the Employment Services Centre. “This is tax payer’s money well spent!” says Akram.


michael-schmidt-colour-adjustedA Photo Finish

Michael Schmidt originally thought he was going to be a bus driver.

That’s why, with Work BC Employment Services Centre-Vancouver City Centre’s assistance, he got his Class 2 license and secured a position as a tour bus driver, with the eventual plan of applying to Translink to become a bus driver for the city. Unfortunately, Michael was then in a car accident that left his arm broken in four places, making driving a bus impossible.

During the first year of his recovery, he again got help from the Employment Services Centre, who helped him find full time work with a pest control company. But his case manager also knew of his interest in photography, and helped him get contract work as a photographer. (See examples of his photography throughout this story.)

Today, Michael enjoys both careers, and credits his case manager for supporting him through a very difficult period. “The staff at Vancouver City Centre Employment Services Centre  make all the difference. They truly care. My case manager was phenomenal,” says Michael.

“She really made a positive difference in my life, and I’m very thankful. I hope she knows that.”

To see more of Michael Schmidt’s photography, visit his website at www.michaelschmidtphotography.com



Shehbaz AhmadLinkedIn Update Leads to New Contract

Two months after Shehbaz Ahmad came to Canada from Dubai, the accountant started to feel overwhelmed with the negative messages he was hearing.

People were telling him things like: “It’s going to be very difficult to survive in Vancouver. The economy is not growing. There are 500+ applicants for a single job. You don’t even have a Canadian education or experience.” Someone suggested he get a job in a grocery store. “My mind kind of got frozen. I couldn’t even apply for a single job.”

That was when what he calls his “first miracle” happened. He saw a sign that said, ‘Looking for work?’

He followed the arrow into Vancouver City Centre, WorkBC Employment Services Centre, run by Family Services. “Instantly, I could feel the warmth and a feeling of care in the air.”

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sukis-hair-salon-image-thumbAfter attack, DJ with disabilities retrains for new creative career

Local DJ and music mixer Patrick Deady was attacked on Vancouver’s Davie Street in the spring of 2013. The brutal beating left Deady, also known by his DJ name Soolah, with a traumatic head injury and disabilities including short term memory loss, tinnitus and hearing loss and sensitivity to sound.

Those physical challenges would have been difficult for anyone to adapt to, but they were devastating for someone with a career in music. A year after the assault, Deady had completed most of the rehab for his injuries, but he didn’t feel he had much to look forward to.

“I had nothing on the go. I was scraping by on medical disability. I was totally worried about my future and I was worried about just getting through the day,” he says.

Then Patrick heard he might be able to get help training for a new career through the Vancouver City Centre Work BC Employment Services Centre.

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