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Maria Bravo’s Story

As an immigrant, I’ve been job hunting on and off for 3 years. Every time I had to look at my resume and customize it for an employer I would get so overwhelmed. I moved to Canada 6 months ago and it took me a while to build up the courage to walk into the WorkBC Vancouver City Centre office to start over.

When I finally did, every single person in the office did everything in their power to help. It started with Evelyn in the Resource Centre, who sat down with me, gave me tons of feedback, and told me about the workshops. She made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

I took almost every workshop. They’re amazing! The material is very current and not only did I gain important knowledge for my job hunt but also a support system. The facilitators genuinely care and want to help.

Almost on the dot, 6 months after I landed in Vancouver, I found my dream job. Every step I took to get that job has the footprint of one of my facilitators at WorkBC Vancouver City Centre. Writing the right resume, discovering my strengths, finding networking events, preparing for those events, interview etiquette, all of it. Their guidance is what made each of those touchpoints a success. It really does take a village and I’m so grateful for mine at WorkBC Vancouver City Centre.

Evelyn, Ada, and Lisa: thank you so much for your time (that’s in such high demand!), patience and disposition. I learned so much.

Devi, you ended what Evelyn started. You have been there for every question and every fear. I never felt alone. I hope you know how much that means to me.

Please continue to do this wonderful work. It’s important, necessary and it makes all the difference.

Much love,