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Michael Schmidt’s story

Michael Schmidt originally thought he was going to be a bus driver.

That’s why, with Work BC Employment Services Centre-Vancouver City Centre’s assistance, he got his Class 2 license and secured a position as a tour bus driver, with the eventual plan of applying to Translink to become a bus driver for the city. Unfortunately, Michael was then in a car accident that left his arm broken in four places, making driving a bus impossible.

During the first year of his recovery, he again got help from the Employment Services Centre, who helped him find full time work with a pest control company. But his case manager also knew of his interest in photography, and helped him get contract work as a photographer.

Today, Michael enjoys both careers, and credits his case manager for supporting him through a very difficult period. “The staff at Vancouver City Centre Employment Services Centre make all the difference. They truly care. My case manager was phenomenal,” says Michael. “She really made a positive difference in my life, and I’m very thankful. I hope she knows that.”

See more of Michael Schmidt’s photography at www.michaelschmidtphotography.com