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Maria’s story

As an immigrant, I’ve been job hunting on and off for 3 years. Every time I had to look at my resume and customize it for an employer I would get so overwhelmed. I moved to Canada 6 months ago and it took me a while to build up the courage to walk into the WorkBC Vancouver City Centre office to start over. READ MORE

Akram’s story

When Akram Karimi was laid off from the job she’d held for almost ten years, she decided to get help from WorkBC Employment Services Centre at Vancouver City Centre. She started taking workshops. Right away she began following workshop facilitator Tova Jamernik’s advice to treat her job search as a full time job. READ MORE

Michael’s story

Michael Schmidt originally thought he was going to be a bus driver. That’s why, with Work BC Employment Services Centre-Vancouver City Centre’s assistance, he got his Class 2 license and secured a position as a tour bus driver, with the eventual plan of applying to Translink to become a bus driver for the city. Unfortunately, Michael was then in a car accident that left his arm broken in four places, making driving a bus impossible. READ MORE

Shehbaz’s story

Two months after Shehbaz Ahmad came to Canada from Dubai, the accountant started to feel overwhelmed with the negative messages he was hearing. People were telling him things like: “It’s going to be very difficult to survive in Vancouver. The economy is not growing. There are 500+ applicants for a single job. You don’t even have a Canadian education or experience.” Someone suggested he get a job in a grocery store. “My mind kind of got frozen. I couldn’t even apply for a single job.” READ MORE

Patrick’s story

Local DJ and music mixer Patrick Deady was attacked on Vancouver’s Davie Street in the spring of 2013. The brutal beating left Deady, also known by his DJ name, Soolah, with a traumatic head injury and disabilities including short term memory loss, tinnitus and hearing loss and sensitivity to sound. READ MORE